Pazar, Aralık 18, 2005

life is hard*

to start the month
to stay ın touch
to tear open the package
to listen music
to plan weekend
to shake the juice
to throw away the tea bag
to plan the lunch
to decorate the garden
to take out the garbage
to stuff the packback
to straighten the extension cord
to get some shade
to digest the chilli
to bend the paperclip
to get naked
to pull up my socks
to defrost the waffles
to find milkinis
to find the keys
to carry the bag
to empty the dishwasher
to get a piece of sticky tape
to tune the tv channel
to go taxim
to tie up the shoes
to rearrange the furniture
to replace the toilet roll
to flatten the carpert
to fold the t-shirt
to find my way
to fill up the stapler
to send a text message
to go for a walk
to relax
to put on the gloves
to scratch the lottery ticket
to make sex
to throw away the junk mail
to eat with chopsticks
to organize the record collection
to pull the light switch
to prepare a drink
to have a birthday
to set the alarm
to open ketchup
to angle the desk lamp
to live.